Sharpening & blunting service

We offer a sharpening service and blunting service. Our semi-sharp weapons can be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge, or blunted. 


Where can I find the sharpening/blunting service?

You can find our sharpening and blunting service on this page . The sharpening service / blunting service for daggers is also suitable for seaxes and axes.


What does the sharpening / blunting service do?

When using the sharpening service, your weapon will be made with a razor sharp edge and tip. The blunting service blunts a weapon to approximately 3 mm.


Do I have a warranty on the item with the sharpening service? 

The warranty expires when the sharpening/blunting service is used. Are you not satisfied with how sharp or blunt your received product is? Please contact us.

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