Age verification weapons, 18+ check

When we sell weapons, we do an age verification or 18+ check. When you order sharp objects or weapons, by Dutch law we are obliged to verify your age to make sure you are 18+. Do you live in the Netherlands or Germany? During checkout, our system checks whether you are 18+ based on a few questions.

Do you live outside the Netherlands or Germany? If you pay with a credit card in your own name, you are automatically identified as 18+.

Do you not pay by credit card and do you not live in the Netherlands or Germany? After ordering you will receive an ID check request from us. In this email we ask you to send a picture of your ID or driver’s license by email. Once your age has been verified, the system will remember you are 18+, so that you do not have to verify your age again for future orders. Official papers and documents are removed immediately after we have checked your age. They are not stored in our system.

Will you continue to receive our age verification request weekly? Then something goes wrong with the photo you send, for example the file you sent is too large. In this case, use a program such as Wetransfer to email the photo to us. 

Please note that the parcel can only be received by adults because it contains an 18+ sticker.

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