An item is missing.

My order has not been fully delivered or received, but it shows as Fully Shipped.


Large items, fragile items, chainmail, and large orders are often packaged in two or more packages. It's possible that one or more packages of an order may be delivered to your address faster than others. This may give the impression that your order is not complete. Please check all your tracking codes to see if there are still packages on the way.


It could also be that a product has been canceled. In that case, we will send a credit invoice within 2 working days and process the refund. Unfortunately, it was no longer in stock.


Order has been partially shipped.


If we have a stock discrepancy in the warehouse, we will send the available items ahead. You will also receive an email about this. Please check your spam folder. The unavailable item will be shipped later. If our supplier also does not have it, we will automatically refund it within 2-3 working days.


Damage to the box.


Is the packaging damaged? Then the item may have fallen out of the box. In that case, take a photo and contact us. We will then provide a solution.


None of the above?


Then please contact us. In a very rare case, a mistake may have been made during packaging, causing the product to fall on the ground. We will then either resend it or refund it.

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