When will my order / parcel be shipped?

Check the Delivery Time of Your Items

We have 2 delivery times: 'Ordered before 8:00 PM, shipped the same day' and 'Shipped in ... business days.' Have you ordered products that take longer? The rest of the order will wait for them. In a hurry? Then choose only products in stock, or place 1 order with in-stock products and 1 order with products that have a longer delivery time.

You have ordered items with a longer delivery time, but they should have already been shipped.

In this case, please contact us. We will check for you what is causing the delay and when it will be delivered. If possible, we can go ahead and send the rest.

You have ordered items with a delivery time of 'In stock, ordered before 8:00 PM, shipped the same day' and you haven't received tracking information yet.

We pack in the evenings, so you'll receive your tracking late in the evening. Haven't received anything? Some days are busier than average, so it's not always possible to pack everything. Your order will be shipped one business day later.

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