When I placed the order, everything was available. Why do I have a refund now?

Inventory Discrepancy


It can happen that we have an inventory discrepancy in the warehouse. This happens with all online shops. It is caused, for example, by incorrect labeling or because it has been placed in the wrong location. If we can't find it, we will send the rest of your order ahead. We will try to deliver the item later. If our supplier also has no stock, we will automatically refund it.


IT Error

For items with a delivery time: Shipped in ... working days, it can very rarely happen that they turn out to be unavailable after ordering. Due to an IT error, they have been marked as orderable in the webshop. The amount will then be automatically refunded, and you will receive a credit invoice.


I haven't been contacted


If an item is not available, we always send a credit invoice. If you haven't received this, it is likely in your spam folder.

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