How does the warranty on the items work?

Do you have an item that is damaged after use? Here you can read all about the warranty on your Celtic WebMerchant products.


Warranty guidelines

CelticWebMerchant offers a two year or longer warranty on factory damage on a large part of the assortment.


What is covered under warranty

The warranty covers damage to the product caused by errors in the production process. This includes hairline cracks, metal fatigue, errors in a mould, errors in the construction and other errors directly caused by errors during production. The warranty also applies to transport damage.
If you see damage that qualifies for warranty, please report the damage to us.


Swords and warranty

Swords are subject to warranty conditions depending on the intensity of use for which they are suitable. What a sword can handle is highly dependent on the hardness of the carbon steel. With damage to swords, we mean damages in the blade and errors/damage within the assembly of the sword. Damage to leather work, scabbards, cross-guards and pommels are not covered by the warranty.

Please note, some battle-ready swords are not covered by warranty. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the product text.


Armor and Warranty

Much of our armor is battle-ready, meaning it can be used for battles. The intensity for which the armor is suitable is highly dependent on the steel thickness and whether the armor is tempered. Please note: each armor has a certain degree of stress resistance. Many weapons are designed to deal damage to body armor. Armor can also be damaged when used normally. This is not covered by warranty.

With armor, wear to leatherwork and wear to rivets are not covered by warranty.


What is not covered under warranty

Not covered under warranty: Normal wear and tear. Each item has its period of use, within this period items wear out with use. Weathering, rust and dehydration of leather are also not covered by the warranty. Also, breakages and damage that were not caused during production are not covered by the warranty, unless they are the direct cause of errors made during production. We cannot offer any warranty in case of incorrect use or poor maintenance of the product.

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