Lowest price guarantee and best service guarantee

We offer a lowest price guarantee and best service guarantee. How does this work? Our system scans the market 24 hours a day to ensure our prices are the lowest. In the unlikely event that another company offers the same items for a lower price – let us know and we'll match the price for you right away!


The product must meet the following conditions:

  • The product is sold by a company in the EU.
  • The item is not a sharp weapon. 
  • The product is the same product and is not second-hand or on sale (that is to say, more than 20% cheaper than our sales price).
  • The item is available for direct delivery.
  • The item's seller is a legitimate business, and not a scam site.
  • The price is compared with the competitive consumer price including shipping costs and VAT.
  • The lowest price guarantee applies to our customers from the European Union and the UK.

Best service guarantee

We know from experience that at other online stores you sometimes have to wait days for a response. That is why we also promise to communicate significantly faster than competing companies.

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