How can I return my order

Click here to return your order

By using the link above, you can initiate your return and download a return label. Returning via Celtic WebMerchant is often more cost-effective than dropping off your package at the post office yourself.


When can I return my order?

  • If the product has not been used, and
  • Within 30 days of receiving the order

Please note: The right to return does not apply to businesses.


Return due to damage


Did you receive a damaged or incorrect product? Click here.


Returns outside the EU


If you are sending a return from outside the EU, you are responsible for correctly declaring the package to customs. The package must be declared as a return; otherwise, customs may assume that you are selling the goods in the package to us. If the package is not correctly declared and we are required to pay VAT, we will refuse the package, and the courier service will return it to you.

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