My parcel is not found in the tracking or has no scans?

My tracking is not working?


Your tracking might not work if you have just received it. Wait until midnight.


I have a tracking link, but the package has not been received by the carrier even after a few days?


There is likely a technical issue. Contact us, and we will resolve it.


My package has not been scanned for a few days according to the tracking link?


First, contact the carrier, and if they have no solution, contact us. We will initiate a postal investigation. In the unlikely event that the package is declared lost, you will receive a refund or a new shipment.


My order or package is not found in the tracking, and the destination of the package is outside the EU.


Our system provides incorrect tracking codes in some countries outside the EU, causing the package not to be found. It could also be that a package stays at customs for a long time due to busyness, such as holidays. During this time, the package may not be scanned. On average, a package stays at customs for 2 weeks, so wait for these weeks.

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