When will my order / parcel be shipped?

When will I receive my parcel? Information about delivery time of your order and when your parcel will be shipped.


- Open the e-mail with your delivery status

- Click on the Live tracking link to see when your parcel will be shipped



When will my order / parcel be shipped and what is the delivery time?

After ordering you will receive an email from us with your delivery status. You can check when your parcel will be shipped by clicking the Live Tracking link. When an order can be shipped faster, or is slightly delayed, the link is automatically updated. This way you will always be informed of the estimated day on which your order will be shipped.
You can find the e-mail with delivery status in your mailbox, subject “Live tracking”


Note: the expected delivery time is updated every morning. Have you just placed your order and do you not yet see an expected delivery date in your Live Tracking? Then wait another day.

Why is the delivery status 'Waiting for stock'?


Is a product not available in our main warehouse in Sliedrecht? Then it is shipped to Sliedrecht from our other warehouses. Once the order is complete, your parcel will be shipped.


When will I receive my order / parcel?

The link in the email contains an estimated shipping day. This is the indication on which day the parcel will be sent to you. When a product arrives in our warehouse earlier or later, this date is automatically adjusted. 


Why is my delivery time delayed?

Unfortunately this can happen. The product is on its way to us, but has suffered a delay en route. For example, because it is large or heavy, or because there is a staff shortage in one of our warehouses or in logistics sorting centers. In some cases, the delivery date can be moved several times in a row. This is also caused by logistical delays.


One thing is certain: a product never completely disappears from our radar! You also receive a tracking when the parcel is underway. Our parcels are always insured.


My order has been shipped, but my parcel is delayed

Due to waiting times in sorting centers during busy times like holidays, a parcel can take longer than normal in the sorting process. This will cause the parcel to be delayed.

It is possible that a parcel was estimated to be delivered today, but at the end of the day it receives an update that the new estimated delivery day will be tomorrow. It is best to wait a day. This is usually caused by the courier not being able to complete the route, or, for example, a broken delivery van. It is usually delivered a day later.

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