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Do you want to improve the world with points you save at The Tribe? You can donate the saved points to one of the charities of which Celtic WebMerchant is a donor:

Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has been committed to preserving Scotland's wildlife for over 50 years. They manage more than 120 nature reserves in Scotland, raise awareness through education programs and courses and advocate for animals and nature through policy changes and campaigns.

Stop Bullying Now

Bullying is everywhere, from school, to retirement homes, to the workplace. Did you know that bullying stops in 57% of cases when a bystander or peer intervenes? Stop Bullying Now is committed to making adults and children aware of the consequences of bullying, why people bully and how to stop bullying.

How does donating work?

Go to the following link
Submit a request – Celtic WebMerchant
and click Donate. Fill in the required information.

How many euros do I donate?

100 points equals 1 euro. So for a donation of 10 euros you use 1000 points.

You can donate a maximum of 50% of your savings points in one go.
Your donation is saved up and transferred to the charity once every six months, together with all other donations.

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