At Celtic WebMerchant, we stand for a slower life with an eye for what really matters. We think it's important: more nature, being outside more, attention to fantasy, being together with friends, creativity and living your own life outside the dogmas of modern society. Nature is increasingly being sacrificed for self-enrichment and due to high pressure in our society there is less and less attention for a slower and more conscious life.
That is why it is essential that we all work together to make the world a better place for future generations.
The conservation and restoration of nature and a CO2-free footprint are of great importance to us. How do we try to contribute to this at Celtic WebMerchant?

Responsible business

We are sad to hear that oftentimes, people have been working for an employer for years and are reluctant to go to work. You hear this so often, you have probably heard this from your friends or you are dealing with this situation yourself.
From our privileged position as an employer, we do everything we can to be more than just a boss for our employees. What fun is there in work where you can't grow, or are constantly put under pressure. Our management policy gives a lot of freedom within the team. Everyone can develop themselves into the person they want to be. And in return, everyone takes their own responsibility. Our staff are well paid, so you don't get the feeling that you are undervalued. Our staff can contact confidential advisers without any barriers, even when it comes to a private situation. Our staff helps each other, supports each other and is there for each other day and night. And that is exactly why we are so proud of our team.
Our staff are taught not only to put the customer first, but also to protect them if something goes wrong.
We pay special attention to employees who work a lot with their hands. It is precisely for them that we do as much as possible to make work lighter and easier and, last but not least, to guarantee their safety. Partly because of this, we do not have a labor shortage, but a waiting list of people who would like to work for us.


We are an international company based in the Netherlands

Our head office is in the Netherlands. That could also have been Sweden or France. When choosing a country, we find the business climate and the freedom that the government gives to the population particularly important. Another advantage of the Netherlands is that there is a lot of attention for responsible and environmentally friendly business and a lot of attention for human rights. The Netherlands offers our company a good and stable basis for global trading.


Our family is inclusive

Inclusivity completes us. Diversity is one of our core values, so you can be who you are with us. We put a P for polyamory next to LGBTQIA2S+. We also value cultural diversity. We are also inclusive when it comes to religion, as long as our fellow human beings are respected.


We think about your privacy

We believe that anonymity is a right that is forgotten about way too often. That is why you can order from us under pseudo names such as LARP, Cosplay or Historical characters.
Unfortunately, we know there are limitations to this. For example, we are legally obliged to check your age when purchasing weapons and sharp objects. Despite this exception, we want to ensure that your anonymity is guaranteed.

Shipping packaging and recycling at Celtic Webmerchant

Paper or plastic?

When choosing packaging material, quality and sustainability are key.
Almost all of our packaging material can be recycled. The recycling process of paper is sometimes more polluting than plastic. Especially if more paper is needed to achieve the same result as a little amount of plastic. That is why we choose recycled plastic where it is more efficiënt. We separate the waste we have, and this is processed by HVC Sliedrecht into recycled products.


We ship as many items as possible in one package. In addition, the packaging is made as small as possible. This way we prevent unnecessary volume in transport. In 65% of our shipments we ship up to 0% air!

Shipping bags

Our shipping bags for clothing are made from 100% recycled plastic. We chose this because paper clothing bags tear faster, and because using a box + filling gives more emissions.


Boxes Filling

100% of the plastic and paper filling that comes to us in deliveries is reused in shipments to customers. This makes a difference in our waste stream and contributes to the fact that we have to put less new filling into circulation.


Large packages

We reuse all large boxes from stock deliveries in our warehouse to ship to customers. We also reuse customer return boxes if they are in good condition. This makes a significant difference in the waste stream.


Commuting, business travel and gas use at Celtic WebMerchant

All our employees either come from the area, or work digitally. Almost everyone travels by bicycle. This way we reduce emissions.

Our van runs on diesel with minimal emissions. Our bus is not old and travels minimal distances. In addition, both we and the shipping companies we work with do not use outdated vehicles and we are all working to make the shipping fully electric.

We do not make business visits by plane and we prefer digitally. Emissions are also kept to a minimum when making work-related trips. We use the train or car as much as possible and never planes, unless there is absolutely no other option.

We are gas free. No gas is used for heating or cooking in our workshops.
We use green electricity, we only have energy contracts with suppliers of 100% green electricity.


Quality marks suppliers

Made in Europe

We classify all our articles that are produced within Europe, the European Union or elsewhere in Europe under this internal quality mark


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) stands for worldwide standards for improving forest management and promoting biological diversity. FCS is committed to protecting the forest floor and protecting the ecosystem for long-term binding of CO². Behind the FSC label lies a transparent and reliable forest management process that is regularly checked by third parties.


Made from European game

The animal parts in these articles are made from animals caught in the wild, or animals killed in pest control for lack of a natural enemy. Like possums.


Made with artificial fur

Faux fur has been used for this item


We are donors

CelticWebMerchant makes donations to organizations that it cares about. Tribe members can also do this themselves with the points they save. The organizations we support are:


Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has been committed to preserving Scotland's wildlife for over 50 years. They manage more than 120 nature reserves in Scotland, raise awareness through education programs and courses and advocate for animals and nature through policy changes and campaigns.


Stop Bullying Now

Bullying is everywhere, from school, to retirement homes, to the workplace. Did you know that bullying stops in 57% of cases when a bystander or peer intervenes? Stop Bullying Now is a Dutch foundation committed to making adults and children aware of the consequences of bullying, why people bully and how to stop bullying.


Donate points to charity

Members of The Tribe save discount points with every order they make. You can use these points for a discount on subsequent orders. With us you can also use these points as a donation to one of our chosen foundations. Contact us about how many points you want to donate and we will donate the amount to charity and deduct the points from your account.


Sustainability plans

We believe that there can always be done more and we innovate hard to make our entire business process greener. Below are some plans for the future.

July 2023:
From now on, 80% of our electricity will be generated via the solar panels on our roof. As a result, someone else can purchase the green electricity that we now purchase and we supply energy back to the grid.

Relocation, in July 2023 we will move to a new location close to a train station, making it easier for customers and employees to reach us by train. The new location has a heat pump and is gas-free.
From that moment on, our entire office meets all modern sustainability requirements regarding office accommodation.

October 2023:
We aim to use 60% less adhesive tape from October on, because we have put innovative packaging machines into operation.


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